Beer Fest Wednesday

At WISSLER we love beers! On “Beer Fest Wednesday” we celebrate this love by creating the perfect “Biergarten” atmosphere whit special prices on our large beers and of course on our “Paulaner Weissbier”! We make sure the feeling is just right by adding the right music to our playlist that will get you in the perfect “Oktober fest” mood. 


“Beer Fest Wednesday” is for sure a beer party, where you’ll have the perfect chance to get into the Tyrolean spirit. We include delicious sausages to our menu for you to enjoy with our mouthwatering side dishes. You can be sure you’ll find a beer that’ll complement the flavors of your bratwurst to perfection! Don’t worry, if you are just in the mood for a juicy burger, you can still order all our burgers from our menu as always!
We’ve got a fantastic selection of beers on tap and bottled, feel free to take a look at our beer menu here. Book your table now and join us with all your friends for “Beer Fest Wednesday”! Let’s cheer to our love for beers!


We love beers! And we can’t say it enough. That’s why our commitment to this amazing concept, is real! We’re therefore always on the hunt to find new ideas that can give “Beer Fest Wednesday” a more “Oktoberfest” vibe every time. 
Get ready to celebrate your love for beers and the “Oktoberfest” feeling! Grab your friends, put on your best lederhosen and give your bratwurst cravings a call. Book your table here and be sure to have a great time!

Oktoberfest is a traditional German festival that takes place annually in Munich, Germany. It is a celebration and is primarily known for its lively atmosphere and copious amounts of beer. Oktoberfest typically runs for 16 to 18 days, beginning in late September and ending in early October. Guests gather in large tents to drink beer and socialize, while also enjoying traditional German food, music, and dancing. The festival is also known for its traditional costumes, with many attendees wearing lederhosen or dirndls, which are traditional Bavarian garments.

That’s why our “Beer Fest Wednesday” is the perfect way to celebrate the love for beer. We try to create an atmosphere similar to the Oktoberfest, with the perfect music, sausages and offers on beers!
Book your table here and join us for a festive and authentic atmosphere that you for sure will love!
A biergarten, which translates to “beer garden”, is a traditional outdoor German beer garden or beer hall where people gather to drink and socialize. In a biergarten, guests can enjoy a variety of beers, as well as traditional German food like pretzels, sausages, and sauerkraut. Biergartens often feature communal seating, lively music, and a festive atmosphere, making them a popular spot for socializing with friends and family.
That is why we on “Beer Fest Wednesday” try to create a similar atmosphere adding offers to some of our beers and sausages to our menu, to evoke the feeling of being in a traditional German biergarten.
Book your table now and join us on “Beer Fest Wednesday”!