Special Diets

Want to accomodate your meal because of dietary needs or preferences? No problem! Whether it be allergies, intolerances, or personal lifestyle choices, our goal is to make sure you have a satisfying dining experience. So, don’t hold back, ask your host anything and everything!


Veggie-lovers unite! We’ve got a burger that’ll knock your socks off! “I Love Veggies” is packed with flavor and not an ounce of meat. And trust us, the sides are just as delicious. Ask your host for our veggie-options and get ready for a taste sensation!


Looking for a drink that’s refreshing and responsible? We’ve got you covered! Our menu has plenty of alcohol-free beer options and even a gluten and alcohol-free option too! And for those who want to mix things up, we’ll make you a custom non-alcoholic cocktail that’ll have your taste buds singing. Cheers to good times!


Say goodbye to gluten sensitivities and hello to delicious food! Our “I Hate Gluten” burger is a gluten-free option that’s bursting with flavor. And we’ve got gluten-free sides and salads that are just as tasty. For the beer lovers, we’ve got gluten-free beers and a gluten- and alcohol-free beer to indulge your senses.


Allergies got you down? Not on our watch! Just let your host know and we’ll make sure that your meal is prepared with all necessary precautions. Your health and happiness is our top priority!

Book your table now and enjoy a wonderful dinning experience!