Nachos Extreme Challenge

Dive into a mountain of delicious nachos at our “Nachos Extreme Challenge”!!! Grab the opportunity to win a whole paella pan of nachos, for free!


The challenge consists on finishing a portion of nachos, melted cheese and an all the dip you want! If you beat the previous record, then you win! Yeah, that’s right, you get the meal for free!!


Do you have what it takes to beat the record and join our “wall of fame”? Gather a group of friends and make it a competition, go in groups of two and challenge each other!  Who can finish first or who can take the longest to finish? Either way, you’ll have a fun-filled and memorable day. Our hosts will be there to support you and ensure a great time. Don’t miss this chance to challenge your limits and show off your nachos-eating skills. Book your table and join us at “Nachos Extreme Challenge” today!