If you’ve ever been to WISSLER // Bar & Burgers, you may have noticed an unmistakable sense of comfort in the air. Perhaps it’s the warm lighting, the plush seating, or the friendly faces of our hosts that greet you as you enter. But what exactly is it that sets WISSLER apart from others and creates such a cozy ambiance? The answer is simple – hygge.


Hygge is a Danish concept that has been taking the world by storm. Pronounced as “hoo-gah”, this word is difficult to translate into English but loosely translates to “cosiness” or “comfort”. However, hygge is more than just a feeling of comfort; it is a lifestyle that prioritizes relaxation, warmth, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It’s about cultivating a relaxing and inviting environment, whether you’re at home or socializing with friends.
The term “hygge” originally comes from old Norwegian, where it conveyed the concept of “well-being.” While it first appeared in Danish writing towards the close of the 18th Century, Danes have since taken it to heart and readily apply it to everyday occurrences.
The concept of hygge is deeply ingrained in Danish culture, and is said to be one of the reasons why Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. Hygge encourages people to slow down, appreciate the present moment, and connect with others. It is a reminder that sometimes the most meaningful experiences can be found in the everyday moments of life.


Hygge is often associated with winter and the colder months, where people light candles, drink hot beverages, and wrap themselves up in blankets. However, it can be enjoyed year-round, and can be as simple as spending time with loved ones, indulging in good food, or creating a cozy atmosphere.
It can also be used as a verb, “at hygge” which means “to hygge” or “to create hygge”.
The idea of “hygge” as a verb is not just about creating a cozy environment, but also about fostering a sense of togetherness and connection with others. For example, you can “hygge” with friends by playing board games or sharing a meal together.


From the rustic decor to the gentle lighting, every element at WISSLER is carefully chosen to evoke a sense of warmth and welcome. The wooden furnishings, the soft lighting, and the flickering candles all contribute to the feeling of hygge. At WISSLER, you can unwind and relish in a delicious burger and a cold beer while you “hygge”.
But hygge is more than just the design of the space – it’s primarily about the people, and that is where WISSLER excels. Our welcoming hosts go above and beyond to ensure that each guest feels at ease and at home. 

Whether you’re a frequent customer or a first-time visitor, you’ll always be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. It’s the personal touch that makes all the difference.

Of course, the food and drinks are also a significant part of what sets WISSLER apart. From the succulent burgers to the refreshing cocktails, every item on the menu is intended to be enjoyed in a comfortable and laid-back setting. And when you’re surrounded by the inviting atmosphere of WISSLER, it’s simple to unwind and let go of the stresses of everyday life.
So, the next time you’re searching for a spot to relax and unwind with friends or family in La Pineda, why not give WISSLER // Bar & Burgers a try? With our warm ambiance and welcoming staff, it’s the perfect spot to encounter hygge. Book a table and give hygge a try,  who knows? You may just discover your new favorite place to enjoy a nice time with juicy burgers and refreshing drinks.