At WISSLER Bar & Burgers, we believe that our team is what sets us apart from the rest. That’s why we want you to get to know Maria, the manager of our restaurant in La Pineda, a little better. Maria is originally from Venezuela but has been living in Spain for several years. We recently sat down with her to ask a few questions and learn more about her.

Can you tell us your name, age and Zodiac sign?

My Name is Maria Betania I’m 33yo… will be 34 in November, and I’m a Scorpio, baby!

Maria shared with us that she used to live in Barcelona, but then decided to stay in La Pineda. She loves being close to the ocean and finds the peacefulness of La Pineda to be the perfect place to be.

How did you end up in La Pineda?

“I was living in Barcelona… and we came to Salou, and ended up in La Pineda. I just felt in love and took the risk to move here, I just feel like home, closer to the ocean and love how peaceful it is.”

Maria has been a part of the WISSLER  team since day one in 2020, and is one of the brave team members that were a part of taking on the challenge of starting WISSLER under the Covid-19 pandemic. As a manager, she is proud to be part of a team that is always striving to improve and offer the best possible experience for their guests. She loves working at WISSLER, and she thinks the best part is the opportunity to learn something new every day and push herself to be her best. Her love for her team is what helps her stay passionate about her work.

“Everyday I learn something different, everyday I know my capacities, everyday I get more strong! I just love my job and try to bring my best everyday, even if I’m not having a good one. The love I’ve had for this place since day one, the love I have for my team, the love I have for Line, James and Henrik is what keeps me passionate about my work. We are a family”

Another rewarding part of working at WISSLER is the rush of serving guests and making sure they’re happy is what makes her job so exciting every day.

“I have so many funny stories from my time at WISSLER, but what I like the most is, that there’s always a nice feeling of rush, I love when everyone is doing their thing, making the guests happy and running fast, it can sometimes get  a little crazy but it’s always fun (…)”

Maria’s go-to drink order is a Mojito, but with dark rum. She loves the freshness of the drink, and the combination of mint and dark rum is simply perfect. Rum is also her favorite liqueur. 
If she’s not in the mood for a mojito, she goes for a Radler. She believes that the lightness of the beer goes perfectly with her favorite burger; “(…) If I don’t have a mojito.. I’ll go for a Radler. It’s lighter and I think goes best with my cheese and onions”
Finally, we’ve asked María some fun and personal questions so you’ll get to know her even better. 
When does a beer taste the best?
“Beer tastes better when ICE COLD, with sunshine and also having my friends next to it … I don’t need anything else!”
If you could have a meal with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

“I always enjoy having food with my boyfriend. We are fan of going places to take pictures of the food, the place and enjoy the experience every place has”

How does a perfect day in La Pineda look to you?

“A Perfect day? …. sunny, but a little windy, fresh days with a nice, clear sky.”

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

“Superpower? Never get tired! hahaha … It sounds silly, but when you are running and working hard that’s an asset! But everyday I try to be more powerful.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Don’t let people’s compliments get to your head, and don’t let their criticism get into your heart!”

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