We tried to create this “campaign” on Kickstarter.com, but unfortunately they rejected it as they do not support promotions that provide money for regular operations. However, we hoped they looked a little different at it in these Corona times.

But instead of Kickstarter.com, we now do it ourselves. So we have build a webshop here on our webpage and hope everyone will join in on a different way to survive Corona.

Thank you very much for your time and maybe even your help.


One month ago, we moved our little family from cold, wet Denmark to warm, sunny Spain. Our family consists of James, 2-year-old Superman, mother Line and father Henrik. We were chasing the good weather, but also to do a drastic change in our everyday lives. Line spent 7 years as a purchaser in one of Denmark’s largest companies, Bestseller, and Henrik left his manager job at a music company and was previously the brand manager for a well-known Danish brand CULT Energy.

We were not expecting to have fewer working hours, but simply a lifestyle with flexibility and a more relaxed mindset, and most importantly to be able to spend more time with little James. In the last month we got a great start, though we worked many hours, we were able to spend more time with James than we did back in Denmark.


We don’t just sell beer and burgers, we sell experiences, memories, and great times. That is why we believe that it is not about just great service, but about excellent hospitality. Treating everyone visiting us, as if they are guests in our private home.

With a menu as simple as ours, we know that our food and drinks must be of high quality and taste delicious, that is just the ‘basic’ for us. But we want, as a restaurant to be so much more than great food, we want to be a place where people come to “be a part of our family”.

At WISSLER // Bar & Burgers our mission is:

“We want to make our guests’ day a little bit better every time they visit us”

The first mood boards for WISSER // Bar & Burgers
One of two mood boards for WISSLER // Bar & Burgers made long time ago
Two of two mood boards for WISSER // Bar & Burgers made long time a go

We believe that the team at WISSLER is the key to our success and in the hiring process we prioritized people with outgoing personalities, with good language skills, and the passion for our mission. We wanted all our staff to believe as much in our bar and restaurant as we do ourselves. And, wow, have we found 4 awesome people to start with. They have all kicked butt from day one.

Our ambitions are high and the merchandise is made, and ready for our small pop up shop in the restaurant. And we hope that this merchandise will now be a part of the rescue mission for our dream.

We Aim To Create A Brand That..

…the community is proud of
…everyone wants to work for
…is a must visit place on your holiday
…people proudly will buy merchandise from
…makes a small different in peoples lives
…our moms will brag to everyone about


We have created a simple but tasty menu. We believe in having only a few items on the menu, this ensures that we have less ingredients in stock and therefore have far more fresh ingredients and prevent food waste.

We see our place as a bar serving food and snacks, and not a standard restaurant. That is why there are no appetizers and the dessert option is Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream in the cup. Of course, we hope our guests will come visit us to eat our delicious burgers, but we also want guests to come for a drink first and then they might also be tempted by our menu.


Our adventure started the last week of February 2020, we sold almost everything we owned in Denmark and invested everything in our dream in Spain. We took over the venue and started to transform the restaurant location into our dream bar and restaurant.

We hired four amazing people to be a part of the team (out of more than 600 applicants) and everyone took part in the restoration process and setting up the business.

We were on track and very excited to our opening party on Friday, March 20th. We have found great suppliers, got help from a lot of locals, and word on the street was, that people were looking forward to our opening.


But then the Coronavirus came. We were SO close to opening. But unfortunately, everything is now on hold, due to the lock down of Spain. We fully understand the necessities that we all have to sacrifice, but we would really love to survive this period, so we can fulfill our dream and open our dream bar and restaurant. In addition, we would like to be able to support our staff through this tough time.

Like everyone else, we don’t know how long the lockdown will last. But we know, that even after the lock down, there will be a period of time before the tourists start coming back and even longer before we get back to normal.


At the moment we are working around the clock to create a take out and delivery concept to help the company thru this lock down, but we know the customer base is not big enough to cover our expenses, but this will help lessen the damage to our business.

That is why we are creating this campaign. We hope that a mix of this campaign and our take out concept will help us get through the near future and allow us able to keep our staff onboard and secure our business. In the long run, we believe will get back to normal, it will take time but we will get there.

WISSLER // Bar & Restaurant is in a prime location. Only 4 minutes walk from the beach and with 6 Hugh hotels s neigbours. Enjoy the short walk your self in this video.


No matter if you are a local in and around La Pineda, a future holiday visitor to the area, or someone who just wants to support our dream, we have an option for you! No matter what you give we are super grateful and are looking forward to hanging your name on the “Wall of Heroes”.

Below we have outlined what your donation will ensure for us moving forward.


We have made 12 ways you can help us and hopefully there will be something that fit you.

Click on each picture to read more or to buy and support. You can of course by as much as you want to. ;o)

After request we have also made it possible to give a donation via MobilePay (Denmark) and Bizum (Spain). Everyone donating here, will of course get their name on our “Wall of Heroes”.


686 183 466

Please do not hesitate to ask us anything about us, the project, or our rewards.


Line, James & Henrik